Karen Marsh

Along with other natural objects all herbs, crystals and feathers store the power of the earth.

Herbal Talismans are small silk bags filled with herbs, dried flowers, crystals, feathers and other things intended to achieve a particular goal. Keep them near you for their influence to work.

‘Little Bags’ are organza bags filled with various objects to give as gifts. There are a range to choose from or I can  make one for you specifically. They make great wedding favours - I do a ‘Little Bag for our wedding’ which can be personalised.


Love and Romance
if carried in a pocket or bag it will bring in love and new relationships; if hung in your house it will encourage love and positive energy
Happiness and Contentment
if kept near you it will bring in positive energy and induce a feeling of well-being; if hung in your house it will encourage happiness and result in a positive and calming atmosphere.
keep near you to bring success in all areas of your life.
Good Luck
brings in good luck. Carry it in a pocket or handbag
draws abundance and money to you.  Carry it in a pocket or handbag
keeps negative energy away. Hang near a doorway or carry on you
Psychic Powers
increases and enhances your psychic powers. Keep it near you, ideally in your pocket or bag
encourages healing of any illness or injury – can be carried on you or hung in a room
Safe Travel
keep in your car to keep you and your car safe, and can also be carried for safe travel generally
Lavender and Hop pillow
(Lavender and hops in a white cotton bag)
Place beside your bed or under your pillow to soothe and relax you, giving you a good night’s sleep

Talismans and Little Bags can be made to order if you want something that isn’t listed.



Little Bags….can be ordered for any occasion.

Examples are:

Little Bag of Friendship

Little Bag of Happiness

Little Bag of Luck

Little Bag of Love

Little Bag of Thanks

Little Bag of Gratitude

Little Bag of Hope

Stress Survival Kit

Little Bag for my Mum

Little Bag for my Daughter

Little Bag for my Son

Little Bag for my Sister

Little Bag for my Grandma/Auntie/Dad etc.

Little Bag for your Engagement

Little Bag for your New House

New Parent Survival Kit

Little Bag for our Wedding

Little Bag for your Birthday

They are really sweet and need to be seen to be appreciated!

Talismans and Little Bags are on sale at

“White Thyme”

76 Purewell Christchurch

BH23 1ES

To order any of the Talismans or Little Bags please contact mecontact me