Karen Marsh


To complement the work I do with animals I also use Reiki, crystal healing and flower essences. I am a Reiki Master and use reiki to help with an animal’s physical, mental and emotional state. It is a hands-off method of re-balancing the energies that run through the body. Reiki is particularly suitable for animals as it is non-invasive, and animals seem especially open and receptive to the energy.

Healing can be used for all types of illnesses and injuries. Often behavioural issues are caused by pain and stress; with the aid of healing improvements can be made to the animal’s general well-being and in turn these issues are resolved.

Reiki offers excellent support for animals if they are distressed or suffering from past traumas or ill treatment. It can bring calmness and relief to rescue animals and it may help other treatments including conventional medicine, to work more quickly and deeply.

Healing can be done from a distance so is particularly helpful if an animal is unapproachable or very traumatised.

Flower essences and crystal healing help with emotional and behavioural problems with all animals (and their owners).

Reiki and healing is also very good for the owner – very often when I use flower essences I make up some for the owner as well, so they can also change their pattern of behaviour along with their animal. I can also give reiki to the owner, which helps them to bring their own energies back into balance.

If you have any concerns over health, either your own or your animal’s, please seek advice from a doctor or a vet. Reiki and healing do not replace conventional medicine, they just support it.