Karen Marsh


Red: Base chakra
This grounds, energises and centres your energies, increasing your feelings of belonging and security.
Orange: Sacral chakra
This brings emotional balancing, helps you to give and receive pleasure and find joy in your creativity, sexuality and relationships. It brings you wisdom
Yellow: Solar plexus chakra
This strengthens your self-confidence; it helps you come into true being and express this in the world. It empowers you and boosts your feelings of adequacy and self-respect. It brings you joy and bliss
Green: Heart chakra
This supports the giving and receiving of love, kindness and compassion. It promotes a love of self and others. It helps you to forgive. It also balances the higher and lower chakras
Blue: Throat chakra
This helps you to speak the truth and express your feelings; to hear your inner voice and relate that to others. It brings peace and communication
Indigo: Third Eye chakra
This brings you back into the moment, and enhances your consciousness, intuition, perception, intellect and mental clarity. It brings healing and transformation
Violet: Crown chakra
This brings awareness of the power of your thoughts and words, and allows your higher guidance to focus on positive things rather than negative
Violet Flame
This unique spiritual energy can help you in all areas of your life. It can heal emotional and physical problems, improve your relationships, help you to grow spiritually, or just make life easier. It is a very protective energy
Earth Star chakra
This grounds us and is vital to our wellbeing. All of the different levels of our energy field are anchored to this chakra. Properly balanced it helps you to function effectively on the physical plane in areas of health, money etc.
Thymus chakra
This helps you to connect your dreams to reality. It is the link between your lower physical feelings and your higher spiritual self. It acts as a bridge between emotion and reason. It needs to be balanced if you want to work with spirit guides or channel etc.
Soul Star chakra
This works at the soul level and when balanced it facilitates soul progression, clearing emotional clutter within you enabling you to move forward, feeling lighter and increasing your vibration

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