Karen Marsh

MERKARNA AURA SPRAYS        £12 each

brings a relaxing, peaceful energy to your aura. It helps you to take life a steadier pace and clears your mind of thoughts of the future, allowing you to make the most of now
clears your aura of unhelpful and negative energies. It creates a positive atmosphere, bringing you back into balance and harmony
motivates your energy into focusing the mind. It brings balance so that you can clearly see where you are at the moment and also where you need to be
dissolves any anger and resentment in your energy, and increases your communication skills. It enables disagreements to rise to the surface and be expressed. It brings harmony, balance and peace to you, and therefore your relationships
clears anxieties and worry, providing a comforting and nurturing balance to your energy. It brings support and inner strength to enable you to deal with the stresses made upon you. This is good for convalescence
encourages creative thinking, and releases any blockages in your energy so that frustrations can be dealt with. It brings a new, fresh dimension to your energy so that you can see new ways of looking at old problems
use this to release natural pheromones which increase your inner attraction and show your true beauty. It encourages the healing of emotional wounds and creates a romantic energy around you
brings calming energy to dispel any stress and depression that are present. It encourages you to release the fear of failure and to maintain a positive attitude
creates an affluent energy around you, increasing the flow of good things into your life and the generosity in your heart
strengthens your aura and protects against negative spirits and energies. It helps prevent your own energy being drained and unpleasant energies from sticking to you
lifts your energy, making everything feel lighter and brighter. It enables you to let go of any worries and refreshes your mood to let you approach new situations fresh and relaxed
helps you to develop your spiritual energy and is excellent to use before meditation or healing work. It encourages true communication between the body and spirit
energises your aura to attract success and good fortune by increasing your confidence and self-esteem. It enables you to more clearly visualise your dreams and fulfil your desires

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